Charles Moffat, writer of fiction and nonfiction, has joined Is he a glut for punishment, or just super prolific?

Charles isn’t new to the news blogging circuit. He’s an old hat from the glory days of Lilith News (if you remember when that was popular), is that blogger who tried to trade his way up to a condo in Toronto (he failed by the way) while promoting his blog My Search for a Home (he now lives in a house in Toronto, not a condo), and reputedly has over 100 blogs and websites to his name (but publishes some of them anonymously because he doesn’t like to talk about himself, except sometimes in third person)…

So where has Charles Moffat been hiding in recent years? Well, he hasn’t been hiding. He has been devoting more of his precious time to teaching archery, promoting the sport of archery, becoming a CityNews’ “Athlete of the Week”, appearing on CBC Radio, CBC News, CTV, TSN, and a variety of other television news, radio and print sources… And he has been busy writing fantasy books (which coincidentally contain more archery) and writing nonfiction for… Archery Focus Magazine and

It sounds like he has arrows on the brain.

So why join

According to the author, and in his own words:

Okay, maybe keep the GIFs to the minimum in the future, hmm? Don’t answer that. We don’t want more GIFs. This interview is already starting to look like a cheesy Facebook feed, and we don’t want that.

Speaking of Facebook (cough cough Metaverse) does anyone want to bet that Facebook won’t even exist 19 years from and will have disappeared like GeoCities? Oh wait, Charles… Didn’t you used to be quite popular on GeoCities, once upon a time? Back in the glory days of 1999 and earlier? Don’t answer that. We don’t want any more GIFs.

It just goes to show that things have to constantly reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant… And if they do a bad job of it (like when Yahoo! bought out GeoCities and slowly destroyed it) this missed a golden opportunity for GeoCities to become something similar to Facebook, before Facebook existed, which it kinda was.

The concept for GeoCities was that people joined various cities which fit their outlook on life and got an address in that city, sometimes with a neighbourhood… And people could use that address for whatever they wanted to with respect to building their own website, profile page, online diary/journal. The word “web log” was also being used, but the word “blogger” hadn’t yet been invented. Basically GeoCities was a combination between a social media website and a blogger website, before either of those two concepts had been invented. Charles Moffat was so prolific on there he had multiple GeoCities accounts, but his most popular accounts were for Soho and Paris where he ran online art galleries. Where was Toronto? Good question. It didn’t exist. Clearly an oversight on the part of GeoCities staff.

Speaking of online art galleries, after GeoCities was bought out by Yahoo! Inc., Charles later went on to found the Lilith Gallery of Toronto – an online art gallery featuring gothic and feminist artists. Yep, that was Charles again. He is quite prolific and a glut for punishment. He just keeps making websites and blogs, and a surprising number of them are successful.

Two of them so far have made their way into the Library of Congress, but we won’t say which two.

Knowing all this we also know that he will be an excellent addition to, where he will no doubt hit us hard with words (and hopefully a lot less GIFs) and we will metaphorically fall out of our seats from the impact.

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