Toronto's Eatons Centre during the Pandemic

AKA, Why The Pandemic May Never End & Why This Is Bad For Businesses In Toronto

I want to be able to go to the mall again and feel safe. I want to go to the mall, shop, buy things, browse, get a hamburger in the food court, eat it, walk around with my Starbucks drink and look at everything the mall has to offer. I want to spend my hard earned money at the mall and do it in the fashion of “the before times”.

In short, I want to go to Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre and buy stuff like I normally do during the Christmas shopping season.

But I can’t and I won’t because of the idiots who refuse to get vaccinated.

Oh yeah. I said it. They’re idiots.

I don’t think this pandemic is ever going to end and here’s why:

It will never end because we will never reach “herd immunity” against the novel COVID-19 coronavirus unless everyone is vaccinated, and we will never get everyone vaccinated unless we opt for mandatory vaccinations.

Let’s face it. COVIDiots (the people who refuse to get vaccinated even though it has proven to be safe) are everywhere. There’s always going to be a percentage of the population who refuses to get vaccinated, and it is that percentage of the population who is refusing to be vaccinated who is preventing everyone from returning to normal.

And returning to business as normal.

We are approaching the 2nd anniversary of the coronavirus reaching North America. The 2nd anniversary of the first lockdowns. After two years, what have we learned?

1. We have learned that vaccines work. They save lives.

2. We have learned that not all vaccines are as effective. Eg. Don’t bother getting the AstraZeneca or the Russian Sputnik vaccines.

3. We have learned that crazy idiots (anti-vaxxers) would rather inject themselves with bleach than get vaccinated, and that these people rank up there with flat earthers and Trumpites when it comes to insane conspiracy theories.

4. We have learned businesses want people to get vaccinated so we can back to normal.

So who is going to win in this tug of war over vaccinations? Businesses? Your average local restaurants? Your mom and pop stores? Or the crazy nuts who think there are microchips and transmitters small enough to fit inside a syringe?

FYI, if the government wanted to track people they would just use your cellphone. So much easier. Facebook and Google know exactly where people are at all times.

Since the start of the pandemic many businesses in Toronto have been suffering, both in poorer neighbourhoods and in wealthy neighbourhoods. In my local neighbourhood there’s a bunch of high end fashion retailers that have closed up shop because they cannot afford the rent any more. Too many people are shopping online and not enough customers are buying anything in person.

Myself included. I bought all my Christmas gifts this year from just 3 sources: Amazon, Lee Valley and Canadian Tire. That’s it.

Local stores are suffering due to the lack of walk-in traffic. If this continues the in-person retail industry is just going to keep dying while Amazon heads further towards a monopoly.

Local restaurants? I sat in a restaurant in Toronto’s distillery district for the first time in almost 2 years recently. I had the fish and chips and a beer. Felt very strange to finally sit in a restaurant. Thankfully I had my double vaccination proof on me or else I wouldn’t have even been allowed in the restaurant.

Think about that. Think about how bad for business that is when people cannot eat, and restaurants cannot serve customers, when you first need to prove vaccination status?

My wife and I went to a movie theatre a few weeks ago, and to be honest I have been wanting to go do it again. We had to show proof of vaccination, of course.

So shops, movie theatres, restaurants… and everything else.

We are all suffering because of the pandemic, and like everyone else I just want to pandemic to end.

Mandatory vaccinations is the answer.

I want a National Referendum on the topic. That’s what I want. A National Referendum in which we ask all Canadians whether we should have mandatory vaccinations for all citizens. Various countries in Europe are already considering mandatory vaccinations as the solution to this complicated problem. It is the hammer that will get the job done quickly. Every other solution that we’ve tried has failed because COVIDiots refuse to get vaccinated purely on principle.

But the sooner we do this the sooner we can go back to normal. The sooner businesses can go back to normal. The sooner the economy can go back to normal.

The sooner EVERYTHING can go back to normal.

Is this a controversial idea?

Absolutely. But I am also tired of these selfish pricks who refuse to get vaccinated. It is my turn to be selfish so that me and people like me can go back to living normal lives. Get vaccinated or else. I am tired of this pandemic.

It is time to go back to normal.

So ask yourself the following:

Do you want everything to go back to normal? Or do you want this pandemic to continue for years and years???

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