Lunch menu at Glenerin Inn and Spa

On Tuesday 10 April 2017 the Glenerin Inn and Spa boldly unveiled their new summer menu and this author was there to get the full report for Sharing Toronto.

The Glenerin Inn and Spa is a reasonably famous landmark in Mississauga and so although not specifically part of the City of Toronto, it’s still worth sharing in this magazine as a travel lifestyle must-see local destination.  Honestly, Glenerin really is the best place in Mississauga for business meetings of any size.

Paul and Jay Kana - Modern Mississauga
Paul from West of the City and Jay Kana from Modern Mississauga

On Tuesday the 10th of April 2017, the well-appointed Glenerin Inn and Spa hosted a little party for the press and Jay Kana from Modern Mississauga was there along with Paula from West of the City and Robert Adams from Snap’d Mississauga. And let’s not forget Markus and Roger Metiever from Dine Palace and Katie Dyson from Surround

Together we sampled the famous landmark’s new summer menu and everyone hob-nobbled about the historic venue taking in the sights at this rare time of year when you can see the swollen creek (Sawmill Creek?) in the ravine to the north of the venue because of the absence of leaves on the trees.

The talented Executive Chef Roomie has been cooking at the facility for over fifteen years now and has total control of the menu.  He constantly finds and creates dishes that people are going to enjoy and would order again and again.  Both he and Jason the manager actively research the best selling menu items in the area and then work to surpass their competitor’s cuisine with their own more historical or seasonal or geographically inspired concoctions.

Chef Roomie at Glenerin Inn debuts the new summer menu
Markus photographs Chef Roomie’s new Spring Summer 2017 lunch menu at Glenerin Inn

These meaty mainstays will be popular choices on the lunch menu.

charcuterie board
Charcuterie board has prosciutto, spicy Italian sausage and roasted smelt!

Behold a beautiful Charcuterie Board, which has prosciutto, spicy capicola, pancetta, spicy Italian sausage, olives, cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables & pickled vegetables, roasted smelt, fresh artisan bread and pita bread. 

And if you’re looking for gourmet meat,

Venison in cranberry sauce with roasted peppers and asparagus
Venison in cranberry sauce with roasted peppers and asparagus

A Roasted Venison Rack cooked to perfection with Port cranberry sauce (which was one of our favourites!) and the asparagus was crisp and delicious. The bone stick makes the chop into a meat lollipop and its tempting not to pick it up and consume it in this fashion. This author thinks that would be very amusing in a big business meeting and well it probably happens all the time.

Jay Kana wrote a fantastic overview of Glenerin’s 2017 summer menu on Modern Mississauga in which he detailed many more menu items.  His piece includes an interview with General Manager Jason Mercier to learn more about the menu and this “elegant retreat in a historic urban setting.”

Jay’s piece quotes Jason the manager  who confirms that Glenerin changes their lunch and dinner menus three times a year to stay current and to also reflect seasonal trends and preferences. “What may be popular in winter will be different from what’s popular in summer.”

Roger takes aim at delicous menu items at Glenerin inn and Spa in Mississauga

Offering breakfast six days a week and Sunday brunch, along with full lunch and dinner services and versatile dining rooms, Glenerin Inn will be offering a BBQ menu and live music on Thursday nights starting in June for the summer.




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