Ever our municipal government started the StreetARToronto program in 2012, the city’s back alleys and bare concrete walls have never looked better and now we have more stunning murals than ever before. Toronto had lots of graffiti art before the program, but now the outdoor art is much better and instead of encouraging vandalism by leaving walls bare, now such surfaces are canvasses for commissioned pieces featuring bright, vibrant, and engaging works of art with lots of character.

Describe the theme of the mural: neighborhood love. Reflecting the elements of the neighborhood. The main color palette will be monochromatic greens to represent the liveliness, freshness, nature & vitality of the neighborhood.

presenting that every soul is connected, Presenting soccer, the people of the neighborhood, the nature: flowers and plants found in the neighborhood. The mural will be a series of different styles of Toronto’s known artists all having a piece linked together. ( feel free to add more )
Community benefits: we will do bbq’s, play some music and everybodys invited, put a sign in the front and manipulate the traffic to come to their alley and enjoy good vibes and a show. The pedestrians, community have a chance to really connect and have intimate conversations about the pieces with the artists and this becomes powerfully a medium to paint. The community is a medium of a mural. To learn about their experiences and really get to know the community because at the end of the day we are all compassionate beings.

The artists are luvsumone, , adrian hayles, nick sweetman, Flips, dajenesis

Toronto street art is always in flux; it’s expanding, changing, and there’s a never ending supply of new art to consume. For instance, I was introduced to Graffiti Alley, the most famous spot for street art in the city a few years ago. I’ve revisited Graffiti Alley on numerous occasions, and the art changes from year to year. You can visit these places over and over again with an entirely new experience each time.

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