Christinja Paruag gets an egg whiote powder beauty mask from Jen Turner of Modern Makeup

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, a half dozen creative people worked their fingers to the bone chopping and prepping fruit and vegetables for a lifestyle products photo shoot on the top floor of a luxury condominium at King and Dufferin. The rental unit near the top of 38 Joe Shuster Way just happened to have an incredible view of a historic ‘home opener’ rugby game happening twenty floors below in Lamport Stadium.  On that day the Toronto Wolfpack trounced the visiting London Broncos and Sharing Toronto was there to raise an egg powered fruit smoothie on their behalf.

Rugby game from 20 stories above

CanEggs Canadian egg white powder is exactly as it sounds. The pale yellow powder is made from hundreds of chicken eggs minus their yolks, and dried to a powder.  In its dehydrated state, the natural product has a shelf life of nine months. The powder is made by pressure spraying albumen (egg whites) through incredibly fine-nozzles, and then drying the mist while still airborne (spray dried) until the natural substance is a fine powder that can be scooped-up and added to meals as instant protein.

That afternoon, six artists gathered to use CanEggs Egg White Powder product to make food and beauty masks and then photograph their creations. The organizers put a half dozen creative people in the room to test ideas for health and beauty recipes that consumers can make and try themselves at home.  The mandate was to use the Canadian poultry-sourced powder to make delicious fruit smoothies and skin rejuvenating face masks; we were to record our thoughts and tastes preferences and photograph our work for the website.

jenn makes fruit smoothies
Caneggs, Egg White Powder is Instant Protein – Just Add Water

The internet has already changed the way people order their groceries, and mobile apps have revolutionized meal delivery services, and now the web is helping evolve the composition of food itself.  Basic ingredients like powdered egg whites, while not new, are now surging in popularity because of new availability online. Heretofore dehydrated food stuffs have been used primarily in food processing and industrial scale baking, but now its possible for consumers to use these special ingredients in their own kitchens at home.

Martin Dasko of Studenomics at Caneggs photography session on 09 June 2018

Martin Dasko finance blogger from Studenomics was critical in sharing his experience making fruit smoothies. His taste preferences led the experimentation. Egg white powder is a healthy protein source for athletes, muscle-builders and consumers who shy away from eating red meat but still seek protein-rich diets. These alternatives promise to grow more popular as our modern society seeks clean and efficient new protein sources.

Martin makes smoothies above rugby game in Toronto

All afternoon the best chefs got busy at the blender whipping-up Black Cherry smoothies and real pineapple with coconut milk blends that were Pina Coladas like you’ve never tasted before. One scoop of the powder adds a well-rounded body to the juice and the egg whites make lot of frothy foam on top.

Christina Paruag from FemEvolve with Trish from Amulites

The ladies were making beauty masks and snapping magazine quality photos of themselves during the experience. Jennifer Turner of Modern Makeup led the group doing egg white powder face masks, and she documented her best recipe on her makeup tips blog.

Alice Li gets egg white powder beauty mask - CanEggsJennifer Turner with Alice Li, Miss World Ontario 2018 and an upcoming Miss World Canada participant. Below is Martin Dasko with Christina Paraug from FemEvolve health and wellness magazine who was also among the participants sampling the shakes and skin care.

Martin Dasko with Christina Paruag on balcony - King and Dufferin, Toronto

Toronto Wolfpack beat the London Broncos from start to finish, winning 32-12.  There were 7343 people inside the Lamport Stadium that afternoon, and another half dozen spectators peered down at the sporting match from two hundred feet in the air. Below sandwiched between celebrity chef Trish and Alice Li is Jason Lau of eMagTO who also published a piece chronicling the work done that day.

models get blenders at Caneggs photo shoot

Each participant that attended the photo shoot, chefs, photographers and models all received a Sunbeam 6-cup electric blender and one kilogram of CanEggs egg white powder, giving them the chance to make their own smoothies and beauty masks in the comfort of their homes.

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