Singles Play Tweetsteria for Love and Money

Tweetsteria is a trivia game for singles that encourages players to couple up for a better chance to win twenty dollar bills.  In this unique new game, players can win love and money.

Tweetsteria debuted at Cagney’s steakhouse and wine bar on Weds 24th of May 2017.  On that grand occasion, a full twenty-one question game of Tweetsteria happened for the very first time and almost immediately afterwards, Laura blogged about how the game works to turn Singles into Couples who compete for cash.cagneys mississauga

Brought to market by Laura Bilotta, the CEO of Single in the City, Tweetsteria is a clever new way for smartphone savvy people to meet each other both online and in-person at the same live event.  It’s a technological breakthrough to cure loneliness.  The event holds the promise of money and marital bliss to busy urban professionals who are encouraged to partner up with attractive strangers and win twenty dollar bills plus food and free drinks from the host restaurant.

Laura Bilotta runs Tweetsteria at Cagney's Wine Bar
Laura Bilotta runs Tweetsteria at Cagney’s Wine Bar

Prior to the event, only two dozen Tweetsteria tickets were sold on Laura Bilotta’s Single in the City website for $20 each. That’s the same amount of money each winner received from Raymi the Minx whose job it was to pay the winning players and then write about the event afterwards.  Raymi also blogged about being co-host of Tweetsteria describing in some detail the monies she dispensed to winners and alongside the best pictures of herself awarding cash.

Raymi dispensed money in Tweetsteria
Raymi gives money to @Nibbles87

Co-produced by DRMG, Direct Response Media Group  a direct mail company in Oakville Ontario, through their sister agency Surround Digital Marketing, the evening went exactly as planned with two laptops set to propel two separate display systems inside Cagney’s which already appears much like a game show studio with glowing neon lights and large televisions above the bar.

Tweetsteria players scheme to win love and money.
Tweetsteria players scheme to win love and money.

The first computer commanded television screens all over the restaurant to show May 24th 2017 Tweetsteria Question Deck containing twenty-one challenges divided into three groups of seven. These twenty one queries asked and told the story about the City of Mississauga. The deck got progressively harder as the night progressed. The second laptop was specially programmed to listen on Twitter and show all the #Tweetsteria tagged tweets in chronological order (the next version promises to feature or at least more prominently display the time stamps).

There is a huge potential for more and better brand storytelling here, and SMOJOe blogs about using Tweetsteria to tell better stories for sponsors and makes a list of seven improvements the next incarnation of the game could enjoy.

Thermo Bilt windows and Doors asked players what the insulation material is inside thermal insulated windows?

HOW IT WORKS? Participants would read questions on one screen, and then research online (using smartphones) and race to answer on Twitter in hopes their tweet would appear first on the game screen.  The first correct reply to each challenge to appear on the special game screen (which means the tweet contains the #tweetsteria hashtag) won a crisp twenty dollar bill.  The program grew more and more compelling as the evening progressed, and the big winners stacked their prize money on their tables beside free drinks and appetizers they’d won from the restaurant as bonus prizes.

Players team up to win money in Tweetsteria
Players team up to win money in Tweetsteria

Tweetsteria is paid for by local businesses and that means some of questions were advertorial.  Seven of the twenty-one digital challenges asked players to research facts pertinent to the featured sponsor’s firms, and it was these local businesses that issued the monies that night.

This Tweetsteria told a story about Mississauga.

The first Tweetsteria was set in Mississauga Ontario, which is just outside of Toronto, about twenty minutes west, and becuase many of the business sponsors were located there, this geographical ‘place’ was the theme of the show. The program began by asking about the population of the city as per the 2016 census, and what Hollywood movies were recently filmed there (2014 RoboCop). How many years did Hurricane Hazel McCallion serve as Mayor of Mississauga?

Cagneys in Toronto

Tweetsteria’s sponsored questions ranged in difficulty from easy to hard as measured by how much time it took administrators to find the answers themselves.  Probably the best example of sponsored Singles trivia, Softron Tax asked players to find the RC number of the Marital Status Change tax form? The answer is RC65. The idea being that this is the absolute end of being single, when you must change your taxable income status.

Softron Tax asked a tax code question and paid the winner $20

Midway through the deck competitors were asked to determine how many Aire One heating and cooling locations there are in Ontario? An easy question, the answer is nine.  A local lawn care service business in Mississauga, Weed-a-way asked players to find and solve a puzzle involving the Latin name for Black Nightshade, Solanum nigrum.  These questions and ‘What is the name of the closest Master Mechanic?’ were all part of the opening and easiest segment of the program.  Round Two introduced Mississauga personal injury lawyer Joseph Zayona and then asked participants to research which law school he attended?

tweetsteria grand prizes at cagneysThe game progresses with everyone winning equally until Round Three, while answering the toughest questions, @S_Tam started cleaning up with back to back victories. Her ‘A-Team’ included her best gal pal, and a friendly stranger they met that night named Ron.

The absolute hardest challenge of the evening asked participants to determine the longitude of Cagney’s wine bar (the only known source was Tripadvisor) but if they Googled the name of the restaurant this information was among the first results.

laura with raymi Tweetsteria

In summary, Laura was really satisfied with how well the game brought people together all over the restaurant. Its fun to mix and mingle when money and free food seem to fall from the sky.

The Grand Prize winner, @S_Tam got even more riches than regular folks. In addition to her $160 in paper prize monies, this participant also received a beauty spa package from Donato Spa and a signed copy of Laura’s new dating advice book. 

Tweetsteria at Cagney's Tammy (the Grand Prize winner’s real first name)  confirmed she had indeed done her homework and researched the particulars of the event in advance, including reading the introduction to the concept of Tweetsteria on Modern Mississauga magazine and she had even clicked through the links in that story to research some of the local business sponsors.  

And according to Laura, that’s exactly what people are supposed to do, and so Tammy deserved to win big in this author’s opinion.  Now in the love category, she met Ron the man who became her partner for the night at the venue which is also just what’s supposed to happen. Together they won $160 or eight questions in total. That made Tammy (and Ron) the big winner, and so if Tammy got Ron’s phone number then attending Tweetsteria worked out really well for her that night.


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