no$ignal is a rock-n-roll band in toronto
Where: The Mount Pleasant Rose - 744 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Toronto.
When: Friday May 31, 2019. 9:00 PM to closing.
Who: Peter Vamos, Bryce McNaughton, Paul Perrier, Andrew Sprachman, Phil Presnal, and Ian Mckinstry. The opening act is Taegan Perrier at 8:00pm.
songs sung with blistering intensity
Why: NO $IGNAL is on tour once again this year. And when they say 'once', they mean it literally. In 2009 Paul Perrier was invited to join a group of friends who had been jamming and drinking together in Andrew Sprachman's basement every week for a couple of years. Paul had barely any  musical talent and was hoping to learn the harmonica. 
music for the industry at Clinton’s
A year later for his 50th birthday, Paul coerced the boys to play six songs he barely knew in his living room in front of some friends and family, believing that the experience would make them better. He christened the band NO $IGNAL and a truly unique rock n' roll story has evolved since then. Their annual concert has been hosted in various iconic bars around Toronto; including Clinton's, The Gladstone Hotel, and  the legendary and now defunct Silver Dollar Room. This  year's show is at the newly renovated Mount Pleasant  Rose Bar (formerly the Chick-n-Deli). They have been joined  on stage by some of Canada's most celebrated independent  musician including Andy Maize, Derrick Brady, Dave Wall,  Gregor Beresford, Stephen Stanley, Mike Binnendijk and  others. Come see who drops by this year. 
Paul Perrier waits to sing
Type of music: NO $IGNAL does covers of alt country bands  like Wilco, The Jayhawks, American Aquarium, The Old  97's, Dawes etc. Recently they have begun to write and  compose original music, which they hope to record and  release for the 10th anniversary 

LIVE SHOW sometime and some place in 2020.
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