Without question, Liberty Village businesses are at their most generous when exhibiting their wares to the public at the annual Give Me Liberty After Work Party, which took over Frasier Street on the evening of Thursday the 15th of June, 2017.

This signature LVBIA (Liberty Village Business Association) event is now in its thirteenth year and is more spectacular than ever.  There were about two dozen booths full of local goodies including free pizza, fruit drinks, fridge spinners and gift bags and dozens of contests offering above-average chances at winning something for the small cost of surrendering your personal information.

free pizza in liberty village street party 15 June 2017

Liberty Village, the area along Liberty Street which runs east west from Strachan to Dufferin one street south of King is a condo rich neighbourhood that styles itself as Toronto’s Innovation Hub.

The Liberty Village BIA helps market the many old buildings here as the city’s most dynamic and thriving area for creative, tech & media firms, and indeed many of these businesses and the executives in charge were on display at this compact street party.

Robert Lendvai is the CMO of Flixel
Robert Lendvai the CMO of Flixel cinemagraphs

Flixel cinemagraphs is one of the most celebrated new media startups in Canada, and is certainly an attraction in this area of Toronto as it has a very bright future in custom web design.  Flixel makes software which lets designers make professional quality cinemagraphs; their website homepage has links to their Cinemagraph Pro for macOS, Winner of a 2014 Apple Design Award and the world’s favorite way to create cinemagraphs.  These visual attractions make intriguing web pages that keep visitors on page longer and are proven to increase trust and user conversion rates.

Medieval Times Toronto sent their King and his favourite squire.  Neither performer came out of character the entire evening, not even once.

medieval Times guys - the King and knights

Indy 88 radio station staff were on hand taking names and giving prizes, for any level of participation.

Two well dressed and amazingly kind-hearted business professionals from KASE commercial insurance in liberty village gave me a beer ticket.

One unpleasant surprise that greeted impromptu attendees like myself was the lack of available drink tickets.  Guests had to purchase them in advance for this event as there didn’t seem to be anywhere to buy them, or anyone on-hand to sell them.

If I told you that I had reason to thank this lady from Big Rock Brewery, about twenty minutes after the insurance people gave me my first drink ticket, and for reasons that cannot be revealed here would you understand why? Thanks again Big Rock lady.

Look out here are the Argos cheerleaders making the sun shine for these young people and older folks too; guests of all ages enjoyed their spirited routines that day.

Attendees with any level of visual impairment or any challenges reading and experiencing the fun at this street festival were offered free readers and glimpses of themselves wearing very fashionable eyewear courtesy of Liberty Village Eye Care.

And here’s a snapshot from another story, for which I don’t know any of the details.  Tell me readers, why are these Beanfield beshirted men messing around with the DJ equipment? no answers yet.

Even more interesting people were cavorting all around the dance pavilion as the night progressed; you just know this lady below is cool beans by the unusual colour and pattern on her scarf.

and then there’s a Toronto fire juggler named The Fire GuyHis real name is Brant.  He’s an exhibitionist with a flare for pyromania.  In the ten minute performance included here, you can see Brant has mad skills in the art of manipulating open flames.

Do you want to see his whole show? check out this video

The annual Give Me Liberty Street Village is a good time.







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