condo crane photographer

To what heights will you climb for an awesome Instagram update?

This photographer was spotted on the crane above the Kings Club condo development at King and Atlantic. He sat on the rig for only a few minutes, just long enough to get a killer shot looking all the way down King St – in both directions.

Condo crane Instagram fameWhen he left or she left her perch there was some urgency in their step; they were steaming through the struts in an oddly comical high wire escape act. I think this person knew they were being watched and was keen to take their memories and get gone.  Their crime would officially be catalogued as Trespassing I suppose, but because they climbed out over the road, a police officer waiting below could perhaps make a charge for reckless endangerment.

Was it worth the risk?  Yes, I’d say that ‘golden hour’ shot of the downtown core might just be worth the risk as it would be both unique and exceptional.




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