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On a bright and sunny Saturday the 24th of June, Sharing Toronto was invited to Jeannie Lottie’s Pink House Party in Yorkville. And because this is now the year 2017, and our nation was born in 1867, the party doubled as a Canada 150 Tree House Party.  And as usual this party is a very Pride friendly place with lots of people doing double duty and just dropping in to say hello and have a cocktail before heading back out to attend other celebrations all over town.

From twelve noon to three pm there was good wine and great discussions happening at The Pink House located at 32 Scollard St., in the heart of the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto.

Just look at how the neighborhood has grown up around this iconic fashion house over the years. The party is around the back of the store, but there were deep discounts on designer handbags to be had in the front of the building.

jeannie lottie handbags sign

With her usual classic style , the sign out front tells the world this is the home of Jeannie Lottie’s designer handbags.

Here’s Victoria the in-house complimentary make-up artist sitting pretty at her station in the tree house before the party started. Soon everyone was getting their make-up done. This author was among the first guests to arrive, and didn’t need any touch-ups yet.

Victoria the make-up designer

Below on the left is Lily from Street Chic fashion magazine taking names and numbers of all the designers at the party. Facing the camera in the center frame is Jeannie Lottie herself, holding court in the BBQ section of her tree house loft at the back of her Yorkville home and design center.

Every guest that showed up with their paper confirmation could collect a complimentary signature Jeannie Lottie beach bag. It was all very organized. Participants were encouraged to visit the store first to collect a Love Canada invitation card, and the afterwards join the party on the tree house deck.

Wine and snacks, free makeup and anti-aging consultation by Arbonne were just some of the amenities offered up to guests who mingled with Canadian artists Amy Sky, Camilla Scott and Jane Ip.

Evey attendee had a Jeannie Lottie purse or handbag and organizers were giving away beach bags for people who officially registered and filled out the political action card which was destined to be sent to the PM later in the week (or possibly at the Pride parade the next day, on Sunday, but that seemed unlikely to this author).

Jeannie Lottie purse Russian Lady fashion accessories

Jewellery designer Monica Frangulea is the blond lady seen beside Jeannie Lottie in the group photo below. These are her hands you see above, and her jewellery. She runs an online designer jewellery shop Musesa. Behold this is her bejeweled arm cuff, and the delicate bracelet she was wearing that day.

homemade jewellery
And just look at her amazing ring. She made it herself.

Its marvelous Monica, just marvelous.

Here’s the esprit d corp of fashion accessories and  jewellery designers that formed by the trellis in the corner of the tree-house. Jeannie Lottie (Jane Ip) and Monica Frangulea in the back, Lily Liao from Street Chic joins other bloggers and stylists in the foreground. Everyone had consumed a few glasses of wine by this point and their smiles came natural in this wondrous setting.


These fashionistas are all good friends with big personalities and personal style. Their friendship lies at the heart of fashion and beauty in Toronto.









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